Shipping Horrors

What a weekend we had here. Friday morning we woke up with a little sick knitter. Everytime we thought she was getting over it, she would throw up again. Poor kid. It was sure quiet with out her telling her little sister how to act and generally acting like a 3 year old. Sunday night we knew she was over her illness when she threw a tantrum and didn't want to come back indoors.

Rose is coming along. Not as quickly as I would like, though. Some days you just don't get to knit as much as you would like. I am closing in on where you starting working the back and fronts separately. I will feel in the homestretch then. Hopefully by the time I finished I will have the knitting needle I will be needing for the ladybug sweater. I am finding myself in a quandry about where to buy it. It can't be had locally, so it is by mail order. And I hate to pay shipping. I know several companies that have free shipping if you buy a certain amount. However, I don't need MORE yarn. I need LESS yarn. Sadly, I will probably have to bite the bullet and pay shipping. The horror!


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