This is Betty

Meet my friend Betty. Her full name is Brown Betty. She moved here from Britain by rather secretive means. I met her several years ago in a Cost Plus store. We have been very tight ever since. In the background is a felted tea cozy from Knitter's Stash. It is supposed to look like a cottage, but I have never bothered to finish it. The door and shutters are floating around in my pantry somewhere.

There is also a picture of the current wip, Rose. The going is easier now, but I still haven't gotten much more done on a daily basis. It is a pretty little sweater. And pretty soon it will be hot out and the littlest knitter might need it here in the cold indoors. I noticed that the leaf edges in my version do not look like the picture in the book. I am not sure if I want to bother with making them look the same or not. I worked out how to do it, I am just not sure if it is worth the trouble. We'll see, I guess.


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