So Much Knitting, So Little Time

I am getting close on knitter #2's sweater. Half way through the second sleeve. That will leave button bands, collar and sewing seams. Hopefully I can finish quickly and start on the next project. I worry the little knitters will outgrow things before I get them finished. That wouldn't be very nice. There are always so many things you want to make and so little time. There will be pictures when I finish the sweater.

How about some fowl news. The peacock was either munched by a wild animal or he ran away. I bet he went off to find some women because the duck wasn't too impressed with his manly displays. We have baby chickens, too. I am not sure whether to be happy or not. I just want eggs. Plenty of eggs.

I am thinking of trying crewel embroidery. As if I don't have enough projects lined up. Perhaps I will do all of them first. Yeah, that was a joke. Yesterday I bought two cross stitching kits to make for the little knitters. Maybe by the time they are married......

At least the garden is beginning to thrive. We are growing peanuts for the first time. Hopefully they will be fun and my husband will want to do it again. I like to find things he enjoys. Last year I got him an ice cream maker for Father's Day and he never has used it. He kept talking about how we needed one so he and knitter #2 could have fun making ice cream. I had fun making ice cream. My husband works very hard and deserves fun, so here's hoping he enjoys his peanuts.


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