Some More Craftiness

This is the vast number of cross stitches I own that want to be made. One of the larger ones is in progress and has been for several years. How many years? Let's just leave it at several. I think I am going to start working on it again.

I have left the dratted lace pattern behind on my sweater project, so I have made lots of progress. No pictures, though.

On to the sewing I would like to do..... I've had an urge recently to sew myself some things. Besides that skirt that hasn't been made yet. I have cleaned all the plant growing things off the craft/art table, so the sky is the limit now. The sewing machine can take center stage now if it so wishes. I'll have to find what I want to make. There are some things I already have, and some that I don't. No marathon sewing, I guess.


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