Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pretty, Pretty, Flowers

I have no doubt that I am not alone in having dark, scary recesses in the closets around my house. You know, those places in the closet that we just choose not to look in. Yesterday, I looked in mine. I came out with 2 kitchen size garbage bags full of clothes to get rid of. And boy did it feel good! No more looking in THAT corner thinking I should get rid of things.

In other, prettier news:

Pale Pink and Red

I love hollyhocks. These beauties are shading our back porch. I like the red ones best. But I also love the black ones, the yellow ones and all the lovely shades of purple and pink.

Purple and Pink


And let’s not forget the double red ones!

It is now time for the Mommy Must Share Hour. The other night I perpetrated a heinous crime. I turned Noggin off to watch adult programming. This ALWAYS results in a tremendous 2 year old style tantrum from Knitter #3. She is 2, after all. What made it all worth sharing was when Knitter #2 calmly told her “We can’t always be thinking of ourselves”. I nearly fell over laughing when I heard that. It is best not to fall over when holding a knife.

Lastly, a progress picture of the Slithery Snake. I love knitting this project. It is quick and kinda fun because you are mostly knitting a tube. I’m saying ‘kinda’ because I will probably be sick of knitting a tube by the time I am done with it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Hate Finish Work...

In the 10 days that have passed since my last post, I have mostly finished the Happy Hen sweater! I have to sew on the pocket and do the embroidery. It has sat without being touched for a week now. Like everyone else, I hate doing finish work.

I DID make up my mind about what to do about my knitting plans and my knit alongs. For the Tour de France KAL, I am going to knit 3 projects, one for each week of the race. I haven’t made the final decisions on which patterns to use, but I will be knitting wintery accessories so I can have something warm to wear for winter. Since August is my Christmas Knitting month, I will find something challenging for gifting to knit for the Olympic knitting trials. Probably a Christmas toy, to take care of the August toy.

I am really enjoying knitting the Slithery Snake. I haven’t done much on it yet, but what’s not to love about a circular project with very few stitches? The pattern isn’t written to done in the round, but that has never stopped me from making my life seamless and happier…

Friday, June 13, 2008


I’ve found a new pattern to love since the new knitty has been up. I am going to make some BYOB’s. I need to sort through my cotton yarn to see what I have that isn’t specifically for a certain project.

In other cotton yarn news, I found another ball of the green that I am using for the Happy Hen, so I was able to finish the green panels on the front. I am now working the v-neck. I am almost done which means I am thinking about what to start next. The plan is to finish the rosebud lace neck warmer, but it is a small, one ball project. It really shouldn’t take long to finish. After that, I will have to decide whether to tackle Mariah, or do some small projects before starting it. There are some complicating factors:

I haven’t made a toy yet this month.
I need a project for the Tour de France KAL in July
I need a project for the Olympic Knitting Trials in August

I have planned to make July my winter knitting month and August my Christmas knitting month. A good reason not to start a big project right now. However, I can’t buy more yarn until I fulfill my Stashalong goal of using up 35 balls of yarn. If I knit Mariah, I will fulfill that commitment and be able to buy yarn guilt free. Decisions, decisions. I love this part of knitting - deciding what will come next.

I found one of those sites where you can calculate your carbon footprint today and found that we have one 1/3 the size of the average american family. That felt great. But then I started to wonder if it was somehow wrong, so I want to try some different sites before I start feeling too smug.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Yummy. Bounty of the garden. These are our first delicious goodies of the year. I love strawberries. Most of these are gone, gone, gone now. The girls and I ate them for lunch. I should say with our lunch. A lunch of just strawberries would be good, though.

I’ve been knitting away at the Happy Hen and I have a bad feeling that I am going to run out of green yarn. If I don’t, I will be very lucky. I did have a bit of good luck yesterday. Over the weekend, we went someplace and I managed to lose a double point in the car. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Yesterday when I got in, there it was in the floor. I was afraid I was going to have to buy another set just to finish Brent’s socks. At least I hadn’t bought new needles yet.

Yesterday we went and played at the park with friends. I couldn’t believe how many kids there were out and about. It has been so cool and generally not nice out, everyone rushed out to the park yesterday. The way the weather has been lately, you gotta take your opportunities when you can. It has stayed consistently 20 degrees below normal for at least 2 months. Our garden has had close calls the past 2 nights. This weekend it’s supposed to be warm, though. They are predicting it to be over 80. I hope so. My feet have been cold ever since I quit wearing socks…

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Knitting Weather

Today is a rainy day. Perfect knitting weather. So I have stayed in to knit. I am approaching the beginning of the actual Happy Hen of the Happy Hen Sweater. I’ve also been working on one of my other projects from my bin of unfinished shame. I’ve picked up my husband’s socks. When I picked them up, the heel was turned and ready to start the gusset decreases. It’s one of my favorite parts of sock knitting. It’s interesting and you have to pay attention.

Over the weekend we ventured to the mountains in search of morels. And we found a few:

It turns out that my Survivor Man hat is handy when you left your bag in the car and you actually find the elusive and tasty tidbits. Not that I ate any of them after they made me horribly sick last year. I let Brent risk his own stomach.

We also found this grisly remain of some canine. I kind of presume it is coyote skull, because the area is kind of remote. It is unlikely that a dog would have gotten lost there. It’s not the sort of place that gets lots of people camping out or even visiting. This is why we like it so much.

Last week, I paid a little visit to the fabric store because we need some summer cheer around here:

We needed some summertime table cloths. These are going to be our newest additions to our growing collection. I could not resist those hilarious looking roosters.