Pretty, Pretty, Flowers

I have no doubt that I am not alone in having dark, scary recesses in the closets around my house. You know, those places in the closet that we just choose not to look in. Yesterday, I looked in mine. I came out with 2 kitchen size garbage bags full of clothes to get rid of. And boy did it feel good! No more looking in THAT corner thinking I should get rid of things.

In other, prettier news:

Pale Pink and Red

I love hollyhocks. These beauties are shading our back porch. I like the red ones best. But I also love the black ones, the yellow ones and all the lovely shades of purple and pink.

Purple and Pink


And let’s not forget the double red ones!

It is now time for the Mommy Must Share Hour. The other night I perpetrated a heinous crime. I turned Noggin off to watch adult programming. This ALWAYS results in a tremendous 2 year old style tantrum from Knitter #3. She is 2, after all. What made it all worth sharing was when Knitter #2 calmly told her “We can’t always be thinking of ourselves”. I nearly fell over laughing when I heard that. It is best not to fall over when holding a knife.

Lastly, a progress picture of the Slithery Snake. I love knitting this project. It is quick and kinda fun because you are mostly knitting a tube. I’m saying ‘kinda’ because I will probably be sick of knitting a tube by the time I am done with it.


Love that slithery snake!
Rose said…
Love your flowers! Hollyhocks are so wonderfully old fashioned and I love them. Thanks for sharing.

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