Yummy. Bounty of the garden. These are our first delicious goodies of the year. I love strawberries. Most of these are gone, gone, gone now. The girls and I ate them for lunch. I should say with our lunch. A lunch of just strawberries would be good, though.

I’ve been knitting away at the Happy Hen and I have a bad feeling that I am going to run out of green yarn. If I don’t, I will be very lucky. I did have a bit of good luck yesterday. Over the weekend, we went someplace and I managed to lose a double point in the car. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Yesterday when I got in, there it was in the floor. I was afraid I was going to have to buy another set just to finish Brent’s socks. At least I hadn’t bought new needles yet.

Yesterday we went and played at the park with friends. I couldn’t believe how many kids there were out and about. It has been so cool and generally not nice out, everyone rushed out to the park yesterday. The way the weather has been lately, you gotta take your opportunities when you can. It has stayed consistently 20 degrees below normal for at least 2 months. Our garden has had close calls the past 2 nights. This weekend it’s supposed to be warm, though. They are predicting it to be over 80. I hope so. My feet have been cold ever since I quit wearing socks…


I just grabbed some fresh strawberries from the local farm stand. Nothing's better in June.
Rima said…
Wooh. Those ARE beautiful strawberries. I love strawberries too. One of my favorite fruit.

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