I’ve found a new pattern to love since the new knitty has been up. I am going to make some BYOB’s. I need to sort through my cotton yarn to see what I have that isn’t specifically for a certain project.

In other cotton yarn news, I found another ball of the green that I am using for the Happy Hen, so I was able to finish the green panels on the front. I am now working the v-neck. I am almost done which means I am thinking about what to start next. The plan is to finish the rosebud lace neck warmer, but it is a small, one ball project. It really shouldn’t take long to finish. After that, I will have to decide whether to tackle Mariah, or do some small projects before starting it. There are some complicating factors:

I haven’t made a toy yet this month.
I need a project for the Tour de France KAL in July
I need a project for the Olympic Knitting Trials in August

I have planned to make July my winter knitting month and August my Christmas knitting month. A good reason not to start a big project right now. However, I can’t buy more yarn until I fulfill my Stashalong goal of using up 35 balls of yarn. If I knit Mariah, I will fulfill that commitment and be able to buy yarn guilt free. Decisions, decisions. I love this part of knitting - deciding what will come next.

I found one of those sites where you can calculate your carbon footprint today and found that we have one 1/3 the size of the average american family. That felt great. But then I started to wonder if it was somehow wrong, so I want to try some different sites before I start feeling too smug.


THANKS for the reminder about the TdF kal, I almost forgot!!!
Rebecca said…
I want to make the BYOB as well. Knitty had a few patterns that I liked this time, I love when it comes out.

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