Knitting Weather

Today is a rainy day. Perfect knitting weather. So I have stayed in to knit. I am approaching the beginning of the actual Happy Hen of the Happy Hen Sweater. I’ve also been working on one of my other projects from my bin of unfinished shame. I’ve picked up my husband’s socks. When I picked them up, the heel was turned and ready to start the gusset decreases. It’s one of my favorite parts of sock knitting. It’s interesting and you have to pay attention.

Over the weekend we ventured to the mountains in search of morels. And we found a few:

It turns out that my Survivor Man hat is handy when you left your bag in the car and you actually find the elusive and tasty tidbits. Not that I ate any of them after they made me horribly sick last year. I let Brent risk his own stomach.

We also found this grisly remain of some canine. I kind of presume it is coyote skull, because the area is kind of remote. It is unlikely that a dog would have gotten lost there. It’s not the sort of place that gets lots of people camping out or even visiting. This is why we like it so much.

Last week, I paid a little visit to the fabric store because we need some summer cheer around here:

We needed some summertime table cloths. These are going to be our newest additions to our growing collection. I could not resist those hilarious looking roosters.


Meg said…
Hi Kathy, I tried to email you back a confirmation about the TDFKAL but your email server has my IP address blocked so the email wouldn't go through! I have sent it to you via Ravelry instead but thought I'd leave a comment here also, in case you don't check Ravelry messages very often!

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