I Hate Finish Work...

In the 10 days that have passed since my last post, I have mostly finished the Happy Hen sweater! I have to sew on the pocket and do the embroidery. It has sat without being touched for a week now. Like everyone else, I hate doing finish work.

I DID make up my mind about what to do about my knitting plans and my knit alongs. For the Tour de France KAL, I am going to knit 3 projects, one for each week of the race. I haven’t made the final decisions on which patterns to use, but I will be knitting wintery accessories so I can have something warm to wear for winter. Since August is my Christmas Knitting month, I will find something challenging for gifting to knit for the Olympic knitting trials. Probably a Christmas toy, to take care of the August toy.

I am really enjoying knitting the Slithery Snake. I haven’t done much on it yet, but what’s not to love about a circular project with very few stitches? The pattern isn’t written to done in the round, but that has never stopped me from making my life seamless and happier…


Did you say THREE projects for the TdF kal? You are so ambitious!!

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