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It has been a busy while here. Summer and fall get to be an incredibly busy time around here. School starts, a birthday happens, wood has to be hauled and stacked.  But all this time, knitting has been happening!

Like this adorable bear cowl:

It is available in toddler to adult sizes.  My twelve year old loves all things cozy, soft, and cute.  She was really pleased with it.

Back in September my dog, Maggie, and I were just returning from a run when we were challenged by some neighbor dogs on our own driveway.  They were 2 pyrenees guard dogs.  We haven't seen them since, so I think they had escaped for an adventure.  But they meant business.  I managed to run them off by running at them, yelling, and throwing rocks.  Maggie has been an only dog for a long time. Most of her experiences with other dogs have been bad.  After that experience, she didn't even want to stay outside in her own, well fenced yard. I decided we needed to get her a companion, and thought I would keep my …

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