A General Update

I have been so busy lately!  Summer is always a busy time even though you think things will slow down because the kids are out of school.  I've finally learned that summer is not less busy.  It is just a different kind of busy.

We had an eclipse. I spent most of the two weeks preceding it helping  my church get dough ready to sell scones in a booth in the town park. The rest of my time was spent getting my own stuff ready to sell in the park.  There are a lot of people in my church who make things to sell, so the church got a second space for all of us who wanted to join in.

I make cowboy accessories. Mainly wild rags and scarf slides.  My friend Kenny makes all the horseshoe art in the pictures above.  He does great work.

I was exhausted after the weekend. Experiencing the eclipse was amazing!  If you haven't experienced one, I encourage you to get in the "totality zone" if you ever have the opportunity. It was just so amazing how much light a little tiny sliver of the sun puts out. To be honest, everything about it was amazing.  God is good!

I have managed some knitting and crochet time:

My most recent picture of the granny circles for my blanket.  There a couple more color combinations now.

And here is my Drachenfels:

I have run out of color A, the dark blue and will have to dye some more before I continue on with it.

Hope you are all having a great end to your summer!


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