Blanket Project Update

I have kept working away on my crochet blanket project.  Right after finding a post on how to make every block in a granny square blanket different, I decided I would make all the circles before starting the white rounds and linking them together. I will dump them all in a huge basket and toss them like salad to get them well mixed.  A granny circle salad.  Here is what I currently have:

A few days ago I almost broke down and cast on another sock. This yarn will definitely be my next pair of socks:

The reason is simple.  It is wound and ready to go. I think I will go through the Kate Atherley book and see what my cast on number will be. That way the next time I have a moment of weakness, I can cast on and have it over with. Casting on new projects is always so fun.  Especially when all your other projects are languishing in the doldrums of half done.

I don't know about your corner of the planet, but mine is smoke filled. Smoke is drifting in from many far flung places.  We can't see our near mountains, let alone the far away Owyhees. The day that smoke or fog (in the winter) clears out is always the time I most appreciate the views we have here. Have a great day!


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