You thought this was going to be about socks didn't you?  It has been over 100 for the past several days.  The perfect weather for some sleeveless tops:

I fell in love with sleeveless tops as a girl.  My grandmother had a bunch of old ones that I just loved when she gave them to me.  Did I say old? They were definitely vintage. The pink top above was started last year, but I didn't like the sleeve facings.  The red top solved my problems.  I read the pattern and it used bias binding for the sleeves. No facings. I wondered why I hadn't thought of that on my own, to be honest.  Two summer tops finished! 

I will definitely make more of the pattern I used for the red top. The fit is great and it is really a quick and easy pattern for an experienced seamstress. It is Simplicity 2255.


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