Finally, Socks

For a long time I thought I might never finish these socks.  Getting the perfect fit was worth the ripping back and reknitting to get them right.

My feet are long and skinny for my height.  When I started out on my plain vanilla sock adventure, it puzzled me how Susan Anderson's sock pattern fit her feet but not mine.  Somewhere once she posted her shoe size and her feet are 2 full sizes smaller than mine.  How could they not fit?? The whole sock was baggy. The legs and the feet both.  The first pair of socks I made could be shaken off at the end of the day. I tried doing fewer stitches, going down to smaller needles, and eventually other plain vanilla patterns.  None of them fit quite right.  I finally bought a couple books on sock making.  One of them was Kate Atherley's Custom Socks book.When I started reading through it, I found what my real problem was - my feet and legs are skinnier than average.

  When I decided to make knee socks, I found that the shaping was going to start right away in the ribbing at the top.

 The legs took a few tries to get right.  When they were finally right, I put in my favorite heel - the slip stitch heel - because my feet are hard on socks.  I want my socks to last more than a couple wears.

My favorite toe is a grafted toe. I love doing kitchener stitch, to be really honest.  I will even pick it out if I don't get it perfect.  It's sort of a meditative thing, I think.

After all the work I did on these, I don't think my next pair of socks will be knee socks. I might try out the charts in Custom Socks for something with a shorter leg. These socks took me just over a year to complete.  I think I would like to get my next pair done in a month or two!

I guess this means I have room for another project on my needles....


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