Lately, all I can think about making is blankets.  It all started with knitted blankets. I discovered the Persian Dreams blanket and promptly bought the pattern. (The picture below is of the pattern on my tablet.)

I thought about just buying all the yarn and getting started. Worry about whether or not I might have a clothes moth infestation stopped me.  I decided bringing more wool in could wait until I know if I have moths or not.  You can never look at patterns on Ravelry too much, right?

Eventually, I quit searching through the knitted blankets and moved on to the crochet patterns. Close to the top in my searches came a pattern that was in my favorites. The Flowers in the Snow granny square pattern. I looked through the project pages and saw some really pretty examples. All of the patterns I liked best were completely random. Some people settle on color schemes, but I liked the ones that were very clearly using up leftovers with no two squares alike. And I have a ton of worsted weight acrylic.

I may have found a way to use it all up.  For some reason, I have an insane amount of white. So much that I think I could probably make at least 2 of these afghans large enough for beds and not run out of yarn.

Last night I found some tips here for making granny afghans where every square is unique.  She has charts that show how many completely unique combinations you can come up with depending on how many colors you are using and how many different colors you use on each square.

So today, my project took on a new method.  Previously, I was just picking three colors and making a circle. Now I am choosing 3 colors and making every variation. I am going back to my favorite combinations and working up every variation.  This has made the process even more fun, somehow. I can't stop crocheting these little circles!


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