All of the Yarn

The other day I was deep in thinking on my blanket project and decided I needed to find all of the acrylic yarn and see what I had to work with.  This is not all the yarn, but all the colors:

That is not all of the white yarn. If I got it out, there would be half again as much yarn laid out on my bed. I don't even understand where all that yarn (the white) came from. And I am pretty sure there is a skein of orange yarn around here somewhere that I just haven't been able to locate.  I really, truly think I could get probably 3 Flowers in the Snow blankets. Or I could go really crazy and make a Sunburst Granny Square blanket.  It uses more white than the Flowers in the Snow blanket.

I do not believe in stash shaming.  The idea that someone has too much yarn and must knit from their stash is, to me, just mean. If you can't afford new yarn for a project or don't have room for more yarn, then by all means, challenge yourself to knit only from your stash. Right now, I am thinking this is definitely a case of running out of room for yarn. After looking at the immense quantity of yarn on my bed the other, I feel like I want to make 3 of these blankets just to see how many I can really get out of that yarn.

What about knitting? My socks are getting closer to finished. And now I am wondering what I will do when they are done.  Cast on more socks?  Work on my Drachenfels? Do some other quick project? In the summer, I really like a quick project. I don't get bored with my knitting projects in winter when I am stuck indoors, but I sure do in the heat of the summer. Possibly because I can't wear or use the item when it is over 100 degrees out.

Hope you are keeping cool if it is hot where you are!


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