New Goodies and Some Bags

Here are some goodies I got today and some non-knit projects I have been working on. The black bag is crocheted. The other bag is a knitting bag I have been sewing from a Simplicity pattern. There are some things I don't like about the pattern now that I have used it. It needs to have something in it to stiffen it up. I had envisioned a bag that stood up on its own. That is the way it was pictured on the pattern. It is still turning out pretty well. I am just picky as heck when I am making something for someone else. My secret pal is going to be getting this bag.

The other picture is of some remnants I bought today. The brown fabric with flowers was too cool to pass up and there is a yard and a half of it. The apple fabric wants to be in my kitchen. There isn't much of it, though. And then the bag of ribbon remnants. I can't wait to tear into it.

As for my knitting, well it is all coming along. Not quickly enough to suit me, but I never knit fast enough to suit myself. Being as the cold weather has arrived, I wish I were finishing socks for myself, but I'm not. I would like to be done with my christmas knitting by Dec. 15, but I doubt I will be. I am always down to the wire with things. I must love it.


Anonymous said…
That brown flower fabric is fabulous - I love fabric almost as much as I love yarn - expensive hobbies! How did your animals turn out? There are such cute patterns for knitted and crocheted toys. I am thinking of trying some of the crochet amigurumi. What a difficult name...but I love the end product. Now if only I knew how to crochet better...I am told these only require basic skills, though, so I may attempt one. haha - after I have caught up on all of my Christmas projects.

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