Stash Problems...

Hey, remember me? Since we last saw me here I’ve doing stuff like this:

And this:

This is a shawl I started in the fall but put down:

I really like the project, but there is nothing mindless about it. Not good knitting for dance or fiddle where I sometimes need to pay attention to what my kids are doing.

I knit a cute little flower and never took a picture before giving it away. I’ve been knitting quite a lot, actually. Last weekend, when I ran out of library books to read, I started reading in some of my Elizabeth Zimmerman books. Somehow, that lead me to the conclusion that I needed to use up some of the yarn and fabric I have because my work area is an absolute disaster. That and the fact that I couldn’t find my elastic last weekend. So here it is: Because I didn’t have enough library books to get me through the weekend, I had to buy some storage containers for my crafting/work area. Conclusion: Not checking out enough library books costs you money. Heaven forbid I read my own books… This has become a digression, I think.

Anyway, I decided if I knit up 30 balls of yarn I will have depleted my project supply enough to not feel ashamed of myself. In general, I don’t just buy yarn for nothing in particular. I buy yarn for projects and put it away. There is a certain sweater I have wanted to make for a very long time, and I have had the yarn for a long time. The sweater has been in my Ravelry Queue since October 11, 2007. I have probably had the yarn for longer than that. It seems like I don’t knit things that I have the yarn for. I find something I want to knit and get the yarn and knit it. Both of the sweaters pictured above were in my queue for quite a while. The one in progress I did have the yarn in stash for over a year. I have yarn that has been marinating around this house for a good long time. The funny thing is that when I got married nearly 9 years ago, I had no yarn stash and no fabric stash. When we moved into our house 7 years ago, there was no fabric stash and a very small remnant stash of yarn and fabric.

Obviously, I need to use what I have.

As for my fabric stash, I don't always buy for projects. Sometimes I buy for the sheer prettiness, so I have a vague plan to just use up some of the fabric I have on hand. The kids are bound to win this one.


I have spent this year organizing and reorganizing and throwing things out. I only buy for projects as well but my click to buy finger is a lot faster than my knit up that sweater :). As a result a bit too much stash. So I have grounded myself from buying until I do a lot more making.

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