To start out today, I am going to complain. NBC is rotten. I have been mad at them for weeks for getting rid of Ann Curry. If their Today Show ratings are dropping, maybe they should look at what they think is ‘news’. I watch for actual news, NOT celebrity news. I could care less about people with loads of money and no brain power. Now that they have installed Savannah Guthrie in Ann’s place, they sure seem to be working hard to tell people how great she is. All the advertising showing how ‘fun’ she is. And I walked in from doing chores this morning and they were having a sing a long?! If they were doing such a great thing by getting rid of Ann, they wouldn’t have to pimp Savannah Guthrie so much. I think tomorrow I will turn on Good Morning America instead.

And now, let use move on to better subject matter. Venting over. I am knitting these little cuties this week during swimming:

They are for a set of football hats I am making for myself and a friend. I think they will be much better for out in the heat at the pool. I think the Lopi sweater might give me heatstroke if it hits 100 before noon like it did yesterday.

Just for the record, the temperature eventually hit 109 on my back porch yesterday afternoon. Today, I have hopes of not surpassing that.


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