The Family Tree Needs More Branches...

I had a rather strange experience today. A while back, one of my cousins told me about a family website that contained a will of what would at the very least be our great-great-great grandfather. It was a bit disturbing to read a will bequeathing slaves to various children. At least he specified that children and spouses all went to the same place. When I was a kid my mother lied to us and said Granddad’s family were very poor people and didn’t have slaves. I have a difficult time understanding how people can be treated like livestock. The most disturbing thing of all was seeing that several of my ancestors married and had children with their first cousins. It seemed to explain some of my relatives though.

What a dark, depressing way to start a blog post.

Supper last night was fabulous. I didn’t need to make the fried rice. I worried the soup wouldn’t be filling enough for Brent. He ate half the rice anyway, though. The soup was so easy and filling that I couldn’t believe it. I will definitely make the soup again. It could be a great lunch time choice. Today I picked up some Japanese noodles and tofu for some more adventures with my cookbooks.

I’ve found a box to house my pile of knitting projects. Maybe I will show you a picture when I stuff it with projects.


Probably Jane said…
What an interesting and couragous post. Very thought provoking.

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