Intervention, Please

I really think I might need an intervention. There are so many knitting projects in and around my knitting chair, I can’t sit in it. I can’t even bring myself to knit. It seems like I can’t focus on just one project when I am surrounded by so many. I feel pathetic. My plan is to place them all in a box. Patterns and all. Then I won’t SEE them every time I walk through the room and maybe I will get my crap together and get them finished.

Tonight, I am making Chinese food. Fried rice and one piece noodle soup. We are shy on veggies for a stir fry, so starch all around. The soup does have lettuce in it, though. It has been a real cooking kind of day here. At 11 am, it got overcast and felt like a day to stay in and cook. Plus, the lawnmower got all psycho on me. I’ll get into that later. So, today was ideal for baking my sourdough and making cupcakes for preschool tomorrow. I’ll be making the frosting after I finish this post. MMMMMM.

About the lawnmower. As soon I started mowing the yard, it didn’t act quite right. I decided it needed gas and at the time, that seemed to cure the problem. I mowed merrily along until the blade caught some wires for the sprinkler system and cut them. When I tried to shut the mower off, it wouldn’t quit. Thankfully, the wires weren’t still caught in the blade. I decided to keep mowing until I ran out of yard or gas. Fortunately, a clump of grass killed it. I think the cable that runs down the engine must be loose again. Either that or we need a new mower…


I know, my WIPs are completely out of control as well!

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