I'm Back!

I feel like a horrible absentee blogger. I came down with a cold from hell last Thursday night. I spent much of last Friday (the 4th) laying on the couch grunting and mumbling to the girls. They ate all the nasty, unhealthy snacks they wanted and watched Noggin all day. It was heaven for them. I still don’t feel great, so I haven’t done much for the past week.

I’ve been working on my Luna Moth shawl and the Happy Hen sweater, mostly. I do have a record 3 pairs of socks on the needles, now. First are my husband’s socks that I am not really feeling the love for right now. Then last weekend, I started my Monkey socks and a pair of socks for wearing with flipflops. The flip flop socks are a pattern from Knitty called Lickety Split. I don’t think I am going to make the top just like the socks in the pattern, but I might change my mind. I expect to finish them in time to wear next spring…

The other day, we had a fabulous tea party with tea cakes and everything right here in our own living room. We used our finest princess tea set. Knitter #3 informed me I was a princess when she saw my dress. The tea cakes had to be good, they cost us a breaker in our electrical box. When I was mixing the cake, my mixer quit. I thought it was just our GFCI outlet going off, but it appears it may be the breaker instead.

Best news of all, Crinkle is all done! I’ve been wearing it and I love it.


I've been sick and out of commission as well, hope you feel better soon!
Rebecca said…
It seems like blogging in general has been down this year. I know I'm just not on the computer as much, have more going on this year, have been sick, etc. I still love reading other blogs and seeing what is going on, but just don't make it around as often. Are you going to post pictures of Crinkle? I am excited to see it! I hope you feel better soon; it seems to be a heavy cold season this year.

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