A Replacement Toy

Many of my regular people may remember that I bought a fabulous red Kitchenaid mixer the day after Thanksgiving. You may also remember that we had a little electrical problem a while back. It seems that the mixer blew out the GFCI receptacle in our kitchen. There wasn’t a bad breaker. I smelled something funny right before the mixer quit that morning. If you have never had a stand mixer, you don’t know how painful it can be to go without one for a couple weeks. They are addictive the way they do ALL the work. I was so glad to see the UPS man today:

How about some proof that I still knit:

The Happy Hen sweater. I am still almost to the arm decreases. I hoping to at least be almost done with it by the end of the month. It would be a shame to never finish anything for a kal.

And a picture of the Luna Moth shawl:

I haven’t worked on it since my last post. I could easily finish it if I sat down and just put forth the effort.

The reason I haven’t gotten much knitting done lately is that I have a birthday coming up and we had a busy week. We had Kindergarten registration along with the regular stuff. I have spent most of my spare time cutting fabric for some birthday presents for Knitter #2. She will be 5 next week. EEK! It doesn’t seem like I’ve been married THAT long, let alone had children that long. In 2 weeks, we will have been married for 6 years. Time really DOES fly!


Oh that Luna Moth is lovely, and so happy to know that the Kitchenaid disaster didn't dampen your spirit!
Rima said…
Sorry to hear about your machine episode, BUT I now have blender envy. That is my favorite lust object...but we have no space for it in our tiny apartment. Sniff.

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