Rest in Peace, Alfie

I tried to write a post yesterday, but it just didn’t work out. We found our Lovebird dead in his cage yesterday morning. It was shocking and nearly devastating because he wasn’t very old. I drowned my sorrows by looking at pictures of birds online. We will get another bird, but not immediately.

Today is a rainy, semi gloomy kind of day. A great day for baking bagels. I made my first bagels about a week ago and I can never go back to store bought. It has been really difficult around here since the last one disappeared. Later, we are going to my mother in law’s house to watch my husband’s football team play. I should be able to get plenty of knitting in then.

Halloween was fun here. When I get some pictures of the cowgirl outfit, I will post them. There was so much candy, but we have managed to get rid of it fairly quickly. Last weekend, I just gave them their candy and let them go for it. The quicker its gone, the better. I encountered one of my cousins in the fabric store the other day, and she said she did the same thing. I did take the candy away when they started making candy mixes for their dolls. I hate walking through the house and having candy stuck to my feet…


Anonymous said…
I'm sorry for your lost.
Your blog is great!
Rebecca said…
Sorry to hear about the loss of your bird. I feel a bit silly when I realize how attached I am to my pets - they get in your heart. I keep wanting to bake. My last bread did not come out so well - I can never get anything to rise well in this house. I think it has an anti-bread vibe. Mostly I just don't have time. And then I read someone's blog and want to bake... Looking forward to seeing the costumes - the most fun part of Halloween I think.

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