The Cinchy Hat

I think after I’m done with all this costume making, I need to make my poor kids some new dresses. My oldest has grown so much since spring that she can’t wear any of those dresses without pants or shorts under them. The younger one is just flat out bigger. It just blows me away how much faster she grows than her big sis did. Anyway, I decided I would use up some old fabric I have. They are fall colored plaids that I bought back in the dark ages. We used to live in the shop at my mother-in-laws property. It is a very nice shop that they used for a business they had at one time. I used the fabric for long curtains to separate our bedroom space and to cover all the tables we used to make our kitchen area. I enjoyed living in an alternative space, but it was sure nice to move into a house and have a bedroom to put our then 6 month old in.

Here is a picture of the Stripy Scarf finished:

And this is the beginning of the Cinchy Hat:

Once I am done with the increases, I have to start making the holes for the ribbon to run through. This hat pattern has 2 sizes, so I am making the smaller size.


Oh wow, LOVE those stripes!:)
KR said…
I am loving the stripey scarf, and I cant wait to see the dresses too! The fabric sounds beautiful :)

Thank you also for the sweet comment on my blog!

Rebecca said…
The dresses sound great - can't wait to see them.

I am working on knitting a couple of baby hats - I haven't been around a baby in, well, a very long time. I have no idea how big/small to make these. She's having twins, and she's not really big, these are her first...probably coming early and going to be small. Any ideas on hat circumference? I know your kids are older, but I'm guessing you knit a couple of hats when they were babies. ☺ Thanks for any help!

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