New Books

So how about some pictures of my newest knitting books. They both have me rather excited:

Handknit Holidays has 3 or 4 things in it that I just HAVE to make. The Nicky Epstein book is like all the other ones I have seen. I love all the examples. It shows various samples before felting and after so ou have an idea of what things should look like. There are quite a few patterns. I want to make all the fruits and veggies for my kids to play with. Yes, felted fruits and veggies. There is even a section about felting sweaters and making things out of them. The Vogue sewing patterns used to make items in that section are listed which is nice. There are also 2 pages of bag handles you can felt for bags. I think it has the how-to’s of felting as well.

The Stripy Scarf is coming along. I’ve been trying to get one stripe a day on it. That is a lot of knitting. 2400 stitches to be exact. Each stripe is 8 rows containing 300 stitches. I’m enjoying it. I don’t usually get much enjoyment out of scarves. I knit for at least 10 years before I made my first scarf. Heck, I’d been knitting for a long time before I knit anything other than sweaters. And I ‘ve only made one dishcloth in all these years. Save the simple things for last I guess!


Rebecca said…
One would think that sending a child off to preschool would give you more time - I am finding that life doesn't work like that, you always get busier. I'm still trying to figure out how being married takes so much more time. I mean, there are two of us, don't we share the work giving us more time?

I have the Handknit Holidays book. If I remember correctly, I knit one of the bags in there. I liked it so much I may do another. I actually ended up felting it - hide my puckering from carrying the colors a bit.

I'm looking forward to seeing your scarf, it sounds great.
Ooh I've been wanting Handknit Holidays myself!!

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