More Birthday Knitting

I am currently in a birthday knitting marathon. I have two weeks to complete some presents for Knitter #3. It seems to be going well. This is what I started today:

It is a poncho pattern that must have been one of the first ones they put up. I made it for my niece that year when ponchos were the rage. I am using the leftovers from that project, some fun fur and boucle yarn.

I’ve been doing something I’ve no business doing. Thinking about what I want to knit after I finish my Christmas knitting. Really, I should just leave off thinking about it and just knit. I’d be done so much sooner. I actually do enjoy my Christmas knitting. However, when I start thinking that I HAVE to do something, I start to not want to do it. I want to put it off or not work on it. Anyway, I can’t decide which thing to knit. Accordion, Accordion, Crinkle, Mariah, or Blossom. I want to make 2 different Accordion sweaters. One for a little knitter, the other for an aunt. I better hope I like it enough to make it twice!


Personally I love for Blossom...
Lone Knitter said…
The Mariah is pretty. Now that I'm actually knitting a sweater, I can look at sweater patterns and appreciate them. I never really looked at sweater patterns before!

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