Bad Week, Good Dolly

What a pleasant week I am having. A list of reasons why:

1. Some BEAST has devoured 4 ducks and 8 or 9 chickens here in the past 2 weeks. I can no longer let them out in our well fenced yard.

2. A piece of the girls’ Halloween pattern went missing. I have to buy a new pattern to make their costumes.

3. I ran out of red thread and can’t sew my costume.

I am probably getting permanent scowl lines from this week. Something has to go right starting tomorrow. I hope.

Anyway, I made a little doll for my daughter’s birthday. I drew it up one day and then almost forgot to cut it out and get it made for her birthday. Here she is:

Sewing her hair on was the hardest part. I stuffed her with the help of a pencil to push all the stuffing down those long, skinny legs and arms.


That doll is so darn cute, way to go, Crafty Mom!!

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