A Birthday

Today has been a busy day. Tomorrow is Knitter #3’s birthday. She will be 2. The presents are all wrapped. I sewed up her dolly and finished her poncho today. No pictures. Maybe Saturday. I still have to bake the cake and decorate it. I need to at least bake it and get frosting on it tonight. I won’t have lots of time tomorrow. I have my art class and I have to get balloons. You can’t have a birthday without balloons, ya know.

Anyway, here is some more of my loot:

This yarn is destined to be socks for my Dad and Brent. I got 2 balls of it, in case you might think I am delusional thinking I’ll get 4 socks out of one ball of Trekking.

And then there is this little bit of delight:

I love this book. It is so cute and downright adorable. I want to make the dinosaur sweater and the steam shovel sweater. I am reasonably sure I could talk the girls into dinosaurs, but I am not sure about the heavy equipment. Everything in this book is just so cute and there are even toys. I already know which sweater I am making for which kid for this coming spring.

Halloween is coming. Yesterday we bought fabric for costumes. Saturday we will be decorating for Halloween. We have to make ghosties for our scary haunted tree.


Probably Jane said…
Lovely colours - the yarn will make great mansocks - sober enough for him - interesting enough for you!
Rebecca said…
Yay! Happy birthday knitter #3!

Love the Trekking, have you knit it before? I have some that I want to knit, but it is further back in the queue.

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