I have a bad case of finished object-itis. Painful, but I will persevere. I have finished some Christmas gloves and a couple pocket creatures. I may change the eyes on the striped pocket creature if I can find better buttons tomorrow.

The Stripy Scarf is plodding along. When I make a color change tonight or tomorrow, it might be worthy of a picture. Right now it is just a scrunched up bunch of garter stitch. I am anxious to see how it looks once I get the colors together. The recipient likes blue, so I tried to work in more blue than the pattern actually uses.

Lone Knitter commented that Mariah is a pretty sweater. I fell in love with the cabled sleeves when I saw it. Mine is going to be violet instead of black, though. I think cabling is lost on dark colors. It shows up so much better on lighter colors.

This week my art class starts again. I can’t wait to go. I can get away from both of my children at the same time. Having some time away from them makes me a much better and happier mom. It is just amazing what a few hours free of whining, shrieking, and telling can do for a person.


I am all about child free zones for myself--they make you a MUCH better mom!!

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