The Witchy Hour Approaches...

It was a busy week and I didn’t get to sew like I wanted to. Our dvd player decided to give up the ghost in the middle of a movie. Not just any movie. A movie the kids were watching. They were a bit disgruntled. Wednesday, Knitter #3 and I went on a mission for a new one. Now we are back in movie watching bliss once again.

I have managed knitting this week. Here are the things I’ve been working on:

Brent’s hat. It is this Boyfriend Hat. (There are several on Rav)

Oooooo. My monkey sock came out of a long hibernation recently. Let’s see if I can finish this one AND the second one, as well.

Today I started this:

Another crocheted Wolverine hat. This one is a cool spiral pattern that I love. It is called Moriarty and has adorable flowers you can make for it. I may have to have one for myself.

And look what came here today:

We’re going to make some herbal cures this weekend. I’ve always wanted to make stuff like lip balm, and this is the weekend I’m going to get started.


Quilting Mama said…
So how did the adventure into lip balms go? I've always wanted to try making them but time hasn't been on my side for that.
Unknown said…
I've always wanted to make soap. Maybe next summer I can get started. So many things I want to do! Funny how we want to do the things now that used to be chores. Being able to provide for yourself and produce your own goods is very satisfying.

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