Happy Hallow E'en

I hope you have all survived Halloween. Trick or treating was last night here, so for us, it is over. All except the candy binge. I prefer to let them eat it all as quickly as possible rather than meting it out over weeks. I just want it gone. And we mostly go to the relatives and call it good. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of candy. I do like to tell myself other kids get a lot more candy than our kids do. It makes me feel better about the whole thing.

Now that the costume sewing is over, I can get back to knitting. I will post some pictures pretty soon, but today I just don’t feel like doing anything that remotely feels like work. The costumes came out great. I feel the need for a wool sweater. I have one my brother gave me that I’ve been wearing out to take care of the animals. It is a scratchy Woolrich sweater he didn’t want anymore. He thought I might want to felt it. I probably will when I get something different to wear. Wool is the best in cold weather. I’ve knit several sweaters out of cotton blends in the past few years, but they are better in the spring when it is warmer. First though, mittens for the girls. I’m down to half a thumb and one mitten to go


Quilting Mama said…
How are you knitting with a broken finger? Good to hear the new girls are enjoying their new home. Can't wait to see the wool that comes to your needles.

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