Esme and Lucy

Where have I been the past few weeks? Nursing the finger that Maggie helped me break the morning after my last post. Typing was a real difficulty until the past 3 or 4 days. I was shutting a gate when Maggie hit the end of her lead and it started slipping from my fingers. I started tightening my grip and the lead popped off my ring finger. And then I felt the pain. It is amazing how some little thing like that can suck everything out of you. My finger wasn’t broken so bad that I needed to go get it set. At first I even thought it was just a momentary pain that would go away in an hour. What really happened was I went and shut the sheep in the pasture and then went to the house. It sapped all my energy and I spent most of the morning laying around. It has not been fun.

These friends should prove to be fun:

New Girls


Esme and Lucy are 2 of 4 sheep I bought Sunday. The other two, Portia and Dulce, stayed at the farm to be bred to a ram whose name is Loki. I can’t tell you how many times I have thought to myself that I should have renamed Skye “Loki”.


The new girls have caused loads of excitement around the barn. Today, Esme and Lucy get the barn and barnyard to themselves. Lucy is very brave and confident. Esme is not so much. She’s very skittish and will need more time to get used to things. Lucy is a very special sheep because she chose me. Almost as soon as we were in the barn with her, she came up to me and made friends. She is so sweet and so pretty. She was born this spring, so chances are that she will look differently after her first shearing. I love her ‘collar’. Shetlands are the prettiest sheep!


Kar said…
Cute little girls! Love their colors. Hope your finger is doing better. Nothing worse than being out of commission due to an injury.

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