Sunday Morning Breakfast

Biscuits with butter and homemade blackberry jam. Yum. I am not sure that sausage or bacon can improve that breakfast. Brent thinks differently. Men.

He’s been back to working on this little project:

A sheep barn. Hopefully it will be somewhat done soon. I would like to add some more ewes to our little herd before winter. He had just started the project when he got hurt and had to stop work on it for several weeks.

This year it was kind of devastating to not have a garden. I decided I could at least try a fall/winter garden. I’ve planted one bed:

I am also working on cleaning out the cold frame Brent built for me a few years ago. He’s never finished it but has now promised to get the lid fixed up for it. I am planning on planting spinach and lettuce in it. According to what I read today, I have planted nearly everything way too late. All I have to lose is seeds. The experiment begins…


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