Sunday, January 08, 2012

My Project List

Here it is the end of the first week of January and I have a finished object to show off:

This is the sock monkey posing with his friends that I sewed up for the girls for Christmas. I am closing in on finishing another project. The red scarf is now longer than I am tall, but my goal was to just knit until the yarn was gone. The ball is getting small:

Unfortunately, I keep seeing things I would like to make. Like this cute sweater:

Or like this afghan from the latest Lion Brand catalog:

Right now, I am planning on getting the yarn for the afghan. I think I will dye my own for the sweater. I’ll have to find a dk weight yarn to try out for it. I don’t currently do dk for my shop, so I don’t have any laying around to dye. That is probably just as well, because I did sort of promise myself to finish up some projects rather than starting new ones. And I don’t actually have a complete list of the things I have on the needles. I’ll try to list them all here:

1. Socks for Brent
2. Bunnies to felt for Easter (last year)
3. Bonsai vest
4. Purple mittens
5. Cathedral mitten
6. Gift Scarf
7. My socks
8. Hat for Knitter #3
9. Earth and Sky Shawl

I think that is all of the knitting projects. There are others that are abandoned forever. I just don’t care to finish them. They lost the luster and I am letting them go. I have a few crochet ufo’s, too:

1. Hello Kitty toy
2. Butterfly afghans for the girls (2)

My crochet projects are usually smaller and much more likely to get finished.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Starting the Year in Full Drool Mode

I love watching period shows like Downton Abbey. I like to drool over the fabulous clothes and hats. Lately, I have been wondering why women quit wearing hats. I love hats. I’ve decided that I am going to buy some nice hats to wear than my floppy ones I use for gardening. They are wonderful, but not stylish at all. And when I say stylish, I mean that they are pretty much for wearing with jeans. I will need a nicer hat to wear with the pretty outfits I have sworn to wear this year.

Happy New Year!