My Project List

Here it is the end of the first week of January and I have a finished object to show off:

This is the sock monkey posing with his friends that I sewed up for the girls for Christmas. I am closing in on finishing another project. The red scarf is now longer than I am tall, but my goal was to just knit until the yarn was gone. The ball is getting small:

Unfortunately, I keep seeing things I would like to make. Like this cute sweater:

Or like this afghan from the latest Lion Brand catalog:

Right now, I am planning on getting the yarn for the afghan. I think I will dye my own for the sweater. I’ll have to find a dk weight yarn to try out for it. I don’t currently do dk for my shop, so I don’t have any laying around to dye. That is probably just as well, because I did sort of promise myself to finish up some projects rather than starting new ones. And I don’t actually have a complete list of the things I have on the needles. I’ll try to list them all here:

1. Socks for Brent
2. Bunnies to felt for Easter (last year)
3. Bonsai vest
4. Purple mittens
5. Cathedral mitten
6. Gift Scarf
7. My socks
8. Hat for Knitter #3
9. Earth and Sky Shawl

I think that is all of the knitting projects. There are others that are abandoned forever. I just don’t care to finish them. They lost the luster and I am letting them go. I have a few crochet ufo’s, too:

1. Hello Kitty toy
2. Butterfly afghans for the girls (2)

My crochet projects are usually smaller and much more likely to get finished.


Yarny Days said…
Happy New Year! I love the monkey!

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