Monday, August 26, 2013

Back To School...Thank the Gods!

School is officially in full swing tomorrow. What a relief. Over the past week the kids have gotten really unpleasant. It will be nice to have them away from each other for most of the day. I look forward to getting some things done this week. Like maybe making a start on secretive christmas knitting.

I would really like to get some sewing done this week as well. I have some patchwork skirts started for the girls and would like to get some things for myself done. Momma needs a new skirt or dress, too! Today I bought some fabric with my birthday gift card. I did it with a promise (to myself) I would get my skirts sewn up first. I'd like to shrink my fabric stash, and those patchwork skirts are NOT making a dent in it. I don't have enough of any one fabric to make a dress for myself. Or a skirt, for that matter. One of my new plans is to make some patchwork quilts. Surely THAT will start to make a dent.

Tonight, we had a first in our house. Knitter #3 got her first hair trim! She was not really wanting one, but she was starting to get split ends. And at almost 8 years old, I thought it was time. She hadn't had a single trim in her ENTIRE life. Not even an escapade with scissors. It was a first trim by mom for Knitter #2. I use a method called Feye's Self Trim. That's really just the name of her page explaining how to do it. A lot of long hair people like myself use it to trim their own hair. Because we don't trust hair dressers to not cut too much of our hair off. Now I can't tell people she's never had a hair cut...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Next Up, Fall

It seems like I ought to check in here before I realize it is Christmas again. The summer has been long and hot, here. School starts next week and it seems like the summer just evaporated. I do have to say, with being sick and having surgery in May/June, I feel like I was cheated out of part of my summer.

I have been knitting, of course. I am up to the armpits on my chore sweater body and most of the way through one sleeve. And I have some socks going as well. I'm hoping to have some to wear this winter.

A while back, I got some apricots and made some jam:

I made it without pectin. It was a bit worrisome because I've had a lot of issues making strawberry jam without pectin. The first batch I made last year has to be heated to be removed from the jar. Then I mix in a lot of hot water until it reaches a spreadable consistency. We keep it in the refrigerator. I made a batch this spring that came out nice and spreadable, but it had an odd taste and I ended up throwing it all out. Last summer I made some raspberry jam without pectin and it came out pretty well. With the batch of apricot jam, I am now at a 50% success rate. I have strawberries frozen for jam. I think I may just use pectin for it, though. Strawberries are the common denominator in my failures.

I am trying to be excited for fall. As the days go by, I am getting more ready for it. When I go past the woodpile, I smell the beautiful aroma of firewood.