Return of the Knitters

I am back, finally. After loads of festiveness and not being home much-ness, I now have time for the blog again. I have been sinning against knitting, too. I haven't done any knitting lately. Instead, I have been working on some crochet projects for my mother in law. One of them is a secret project. Those are the most fun projects.

Once again I have resolved that I will use up some of the yarn I have floating around this place. Instead of getting more and more. It didn't work out last year due to all the baby projects that Knitter number 3 required. This year, I must do better. I decided ages ago that my stash would just have to fit in the one wicker laundry hamper. It began to overflow shortly afterwards. I have plans for projects that will use up these massive quantities of yarn that I have. Things could be worse, I could be one of those girls with a room full of the stuff.

Spring is approaching now that it is the middle of the winter. This means I must decide which new baby birds we want to add to the happy family out in the chicken coop. My husband wants more Runner ducks. I agree, they are the cutest things you ever saw. I want more bantam cochins. They are cool little birds. Small, and more feathers than a down pillow. Adorable little fluff balls.


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