Dogs, Knitting, and My New Skirt

My husband came home yesterday with the most interesting idea. The guys he works with told him we should take up raising Jack Russell Terriers because they are so popular right now. They are cute, I will give them that. They are SO full of bounce. He has probably forgotten about it by now.

Knitting..... When I have the time, I am making a sweater for knitter number 2. My socks are currently by the wayside. When this sweater is done, there will be several sweaters for knitter number 3. Possibly, two summers from now, I will get back to my socks. I just couldn't help myself when that Dale of Norway baby book showed up. Now I have to actually do the knitting. It is fun, but there is lots to do before people outgrow the patterns I picked out. I did pick bigger sizes so I wouldn't have to knit 24 hours a day to have things still be wearable when they got done. Springtime is garden time, so I don't get to knit as much as I would like to. The garden is planted now. Maybe I will get the opportunity to knit more. Maybe.

The amusing news is this: After 2 and a half weeks of dog sitting for Grandma, her schnauzer now wishes to live with us. Or near us. Mostly, it is about having knitter #2 to play with. How boring to go back to the city and not have a playmate all week. The poor thing gets depressed and mopes around the house. This all happened because she started having seizures and my in-laws didn't want their baby to be alone all day when they were out of town. Her medication prevents the seizures, but they were worried. Now their little doggie wants to move to the country and play all day.

I have some summer sewing to do before summer comes. And passes. A skirt for me and a whole little outfit for knitter #3. It is nice to have creative and interesting clothing. The kind you make for yourself and no one else has. I hate wearing stuff from huge retailers that every other woman on the continent owns. Except for the cool people who made their own, that is.


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