The Long, Long Summer

What a long, long summer. Mostly I’ve been enjoying it, but I have gotten tired of not being home that much. In my blog absence I had family in town to visit. They came on Father’s Day and are leaving today. I have managed to get a lot of knitting and sewing done while they were here, though. I think it is time to regain my life.

We did a very big, nice thing recently. We paid off our house! All I can say is, thanks Dad. Last weekend, my brothers and I went through lots of boxes at the storage. We found treasures and things none of us had seen in years. My brother took boxes to the storage without even knowing what was in them. We found a box with 3 of Dad’s old caps in them, so we split them up for the three granddaughters. My niece is 13, so she picked the hat she wanted. We found a little notepad my mom had written on when she was sick. I’ve tried to forget a lot of that. She was completely out of it between the cancer and the medicine. I wish we hadn’t found it, because that night all I could think of was my poor father trying to cope with it all.

Happier things now. I took my entries to the fair yesterday. I took Accordion, my felted hat, the striped Noro scarf I made last winter, and the 4th of July dresses I made for the girls. I entered one of them as play clothes because I forgot you can only enter 1 thing in any given category. Today we are going back to the fair to watch the goat show. I am hoping to see some miniature La Manchas. We need to find a nice little buck to send our girls to visit later on in the year. I’d like to find a registered buck for them that isn’t a long drive away. Every time I start thinking how big the Goaty Girls have gotten, I think about how tiny they actually are. Belle comes up to my knee and Zoe is a couple inches shorter. And nearly every morning when I open the barn door out into their pen, Belle hits the door with all four feet higher than my head. I never stand in front of that door. And I warned Brent not to either.

And how about our turkeys… They are so small. I hope we have one to eat this fall. The biggest one is about the size of our pullets we got this spring. I never dreamed it would take me 3 months to get our turkeys. Any way, here’s a couple of them this morning:

I was hoping to have 2 hens and a tom to keep. Right now, I am not entirely sure what I have. I am pretty sure that the one with the bad leg is a hen and that the biggest one is a tom. And I don’t really want to keep an animal with a bad leg.

Here are some pictures I took 2 weeks ago:


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