New Years has come, and so have the resolutions. I haven’t had any resolutions for the past couple years, and feel like I need them.

1. I will lose 5 lbs every month by exercising and eating right until I reach my goal.

2. I will make 10 new things for my etsy shop and get them listed every month.

3. I will keep working at using The Flylady to get myself uncluttered and organized.

I decided to leave out any knitting or sewing goals. The longer I knit, the harder it is to find new techniques to learn.

I didn’t end up making the resolutions post yesterday because I spent a lot of the day on this:

It is goat cheddar. It will now spend the next month to 3 months aging. In a few days I will coat it with cheese wax and store it someplace cool.

Lately it hasn’t been hard to find cool places. Our mornings have been in the single digits for days. This morning was actually up in the teens, but it is supposed to be colder tomorrow morning again. Strangely, the sheep and goats are very frisky in this cold. I understand the sheep being that way, but the goats I don’t get. Perhaps their minds are being twisted by the sheep…


Great goals! Good luck with them and happy new year :)
Quilting Mama said…
Goat Cheddar - yum!!! Look forward to hearing about the results in March or April.

Best wishes with your resolutions. With menu planning, I intend to eat better this year whether or not the family wants to.

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