It's June...

This is the latest I have ever put tomatoes in the garden. Usually I do it in the middle of May. I was afraid to this year. Today I planted the tomatoes. By the time I was done, I didn’t want to do the peppers, eggplant, or broccoli. Or the seeds. I have 3 rows of tomatoes, but I don’t know how many. I didn’t feel like counting, either. Hopefully, I can get more done tomorrow.

Maggie’s whole world has been turned upside down. Her ‘rotten’ cousin follows me everywhere I go. And I let her. Maggie says “How could she?! That dog doesn’t work the woolies. She has no reason for being.” Maggie knows that the beginning and ending of all life is working sheep. There can be no other reason for living. She probably thinks there’s something wrong with me because I don’t stare at them all the time.

I am thinking again about posting patterns that I have written up. I am also thinking about starting a farm blog about the animals. Not sure yet.


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