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Have you ever just stopped and looked at your house and thought “How in the HELL did this happen?!” I’ve been taking a lot of hard looks at mine lately. One day my husband said our house has never been so bad, and he is right. So, I am embarking on a major, major clean out. It all really started with the mouse invasion. I kept thinking that our house is perfect for mice with all the junk and clutter. I started asking myself how many things in our kitchen could just GO. And I think if people would just put stuff AWAY then maybe we would find there is really tons of space in our house. I’m not sure how to get all of them on board with the putting away. Especially the husband. If think the kids will follow if the adults lead.

Anyone out there making things for Christmas yet? I have a project lined up for Christmas, but not started. I have grown to have mixed feelings about Christmas projects. I like life with few pressures. Especially since I make stuff for my shop. I used to be a knitting machine. Now days, I like to just enjoy myself when I knit. I don’t do many projects. Not compared to what I used to do.

This is the project I have been working on lately:

It grew all week:

I would like to get to this before the snow comes:

I’ve also been plugging away at this:

It is the Ollalieberry Ice Cream Quilt by Alicia Paulson. I am using it to make a new duvet for our down comforter. The other one has been shredding for some time. I am sewing over 500 squares together. It is taking FOREVER. I can’t wait for this step to be over so I can sew them into rows.


Quilting Mama said…
Wow 500 squares!
I've missed a lot during the no that's my computer game around here.
Yarny Days said…
I am loving the scarf!

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