Friday, July 29, 2011

Yarny Things

Dyeing yarn goes so much faster when you have lots of scurrying about to do. I am doing 3 skeins of yarn today for a mystery shawl kal. Rav link HERE. It starts the first and is NOT FREE. But it is only $4. Many of the mystery shawl knit longs used to be free, thus my all caps. It starts on Monday, so if you are interested, go check it out. My colors have turned out so well. I was especially worried about how the green would turn out. They are perfect. That never happens in yarn dyeing. Never. To have an idea of 3 colors in your head and have them all turn out just the way you want is amazing. Hopefully the shawl looks amazing! I have much winding ahead of me… I promise to post pictures of my yarn tomorrow.

I was beginning to wonder if I would finish my vest in time for the fair, but I think I will. If not, I am sure I can locate enough things around the house that I’ve made in the past year. It would be a bit embarrassing if I couldn’t come up with anything for the fair. This year, for us, the fair changes. The oldest is now in 4H. We have to go to the fair grounds almost every day. Wednesday will be a busy day. I will have my knitting, and cold things to keep us cool. There is just nothing more fun than a county fair! And let’s face it, rural counties have the best fairs.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Adventures in Steeking

I am getting seriously annoyed with my isp. We keep getting these ‘problem loading’ messages. The connection is the only thing it can be. Sometimes it is for a minute or two, sometimes much longer. I am calling them tomorrow.

I’ve been doing the unspeakable. Steeking. I posted about steeking several years ago when I made a sweater for a very small knitter #3.

My mostly finished knitting sweater:

If you look closely, you will see a line of blue stitching on the left side:

And then I began to cut my knitting:

This was much more dicey than my previous steeking experience. Silk garden isn’t as sticky as an all wool yarn.

Here it is all cut and waiting to be picked up and knit:

Now I am knitting the neck. I’m part of the way up the first side.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer?! Where Did it Go?!

In my absence, there has been much going on. Just last week we discovered there were mice in the house. I don’t think anything could make my skin crawl more than having mice. When I was growing up, my mother was constantly fighting the mice. When she died, no one fought them and we had a horrible mouse problem. I had an enormous freak out over the mice and had to clean the entire pantry top to bottom. This also helped rid us of the nasty pantry moths. That is a whole other subject. On that subject I will just say if you ever get them take the advice you read online to heart and just DO it. Airtight is the only thing that deters them. It will also keep the mice out if they come visiting. Our pantry is now VERY organized:

I’ve been knitting:

I am glad to see this thing nearly finished. It will be nice to wear this fall when it starts cooling off. Not that the summer has been hot here. Just in the rest of North America. Here in the PNW, we are keeping the woolies close to hand. Even here in the inland part of the Northwest.

I think I am not going to get access back to my Ravelry account. I changed passwords when they had the break in issue and couldn’t remember it. The email associated with it no longer exists. It has been well over a month since I was able to get into Ravelry as 3grrrlsknit. I haven’t heard from them in over 2 weeks and I even sent a “hey what’s up” message Sunday night. There were a lot of messages back and forth, but lately nothing but silence. I’ve created a Moon Stone Farm account there. I want my old account back, though. I am sad without it.

Even though I can’t seem to figure out where the summer has gone, I am beginning to look forward to fall and cooler weather. The need for sweaters and pumpkins. This fall will be different. I will be sending the littlest knitter off to school. I have always had her with me up until now. It’s only a few days a week and I will usually be at work on those days. I will adjust. We will have the other days together. I just think I won’t survive it…

Lately, I’ve been reading my books on fair isle knitting. They are fascinating. I love reading about it because it all involves my darling Shetlands. Fair Isle is part of Shetland. When I first read about it in the first book by Sheila McGregor some years ago, I never dreamed I would one day have my own herd of Shetland sheep. Even farther back, I remember thinking it would be wonderful to have some, but thinking they probably weren’t even in North America. At that time, they were, but not many. Not that they are terribly common now. But you can find them.

I hope summer has been great for everyone out in blogland!