Adventures in Steeking

I am getting seriously annoyed with my isp. We keep getting these ‘problem loading’ messages. The connection is the only thing it can be. Sometimes it is for a minute or two, sometimes much longer. I am calling them tomorrow.

I’ve been doing the unspeakable. Steeking. I posted about steeking several years ago when I made a sweater for a very small knitter #3.

My mostly finished knitting sweater:

If you look closely, you will see a line of blue stitching on the left side:

And then I began to cut my knitting:

This was much more dicey than my previous steeking experience. Silk garden isn’t as sticky as an all wool yarn.

Here it is all cut and waiting to be picked up and knit:

Now I am knitting the neck. I’m part of the way up the first side.


Michelle said…
I haven't gotten that brave, yet (to try steeking). But I'm also of an age when a pullover sweater makes me break out in a hot flash just thinking about it! LOVE the colors of your project!

My word verification is most appropriate: "string."
Yarny Days said…
This is going to be so pretty! And you are very brave. Just the word steeking freaks me out.

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