Yarny Things

Dyeing yarn goes so much faster when you have lots of scurrying about to do. I am doing 3 skeins of yarn today for a mystery shawl kal. Rav link HERE. It starts the first and is NOT FREE. But it is only $4. Many of the mystery shawl knit longs used to be free, thus my all caps. It starts on Monday, so if you are interested, go check it out. My colors have turned out so well. I was especially worried about how the green would turn out. They are perfect. That never happens in yarn dyeing. Never. To have an idea of 3 colors in your head and have them all turn out just the way you want is amazing. Hopefully the shawl looks amazing! I have much winding ahead of me… I promise to post pictures of my yarn tomorrow.

I was beginning to wonder if I would finish my vest in time for the fair, but I think I will. If not, I am sure I can locate enough things around the house that I’ve made in the past year. It would be a bit embarrassing if I couldn’t come up with anything for the fair. This year, for us, the fair changes. The oldest is now in 4H. We have to go to the fair grounds almost every day. Wednesday will be a busy day. I will have my knitting, and cold things to keep us cool. There is just nothing more fun than a county fair! And let’s face it, rural counties have the best fairs.


jessie said…
Congratulations on getting your colors to come out right; it really is tough to get that to happen. (In my case I assume it is dumb luck.)

Every year I say I am going to submit something for the fair but I never do. I was a judge one year, though!
Hope you enjoy your KAL. I made a very quick wrap for myself but don't really have the patience...it's too bad because I just love how they look :).

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