Lots of Maybe

We had horrific winds last night, and I think Brent was disappointed the power didn’t go out. He always loves a good wind storm and getting ready for one. We knew about it days ahead of time, so he really was able to get lots of enjoyment out of it. Several days of ‘tying things down’. Lately, he’s been watching Doomsday Preppers on the the National Geographic channel. I was hoping there would be a lot more really bonafide crazies on it. I live in Idaho, I know they are out there. The kids are now a bit obsessed with the show. AND. I have found that my darling husband, light of my life, is a closet prepper. We DO live in Idaho. Maybe other states have loads of crazies, too. Maybe.

On to what you really came here for. Knitting. The Bonsai vest is coming right along. When I last worked on it I was bored and sick of it. Now it is fresh and exciting. I have moved from the lace pattern into the waist ribbing. I’m going to wait to start a pair of socks until I finish the ribbing.

I need to start sewing the pieces of the bunnies together. But I hate that part, so I am going to do it when I am more in the mood for it. Maybe next week. Definitely before Easter, though.

I have to start considering which project to take up next. I’ll have refer back to my list of projects to see what all I have.


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