Fall Came!

Now it's fall and the weather is nicer. The kids are settled into school and I am settled into work for another year.

For the last couple weeks I've been working on my new etsy shop. I've been agonizing for a long time over what to do about the shop. Do I stick with just yarn and let everything else go? Or do I keep everything? My final decision was to move the yarn to its own shop. 3 Grrrls Handmade will continue on, but is going to be mostly hair stuff. Right now, the other stuff is going to stay until its current listing expires. Then it will not come back. The kitchen and bath stuff will go to my kitchen and my bathrooms. Once I made up my mind, the real work started. I had forgotten how much work went into setting up a shop. And then I had to start copying listings from one shop to the other. You can't transfer listings to a new shop, so there is lots of copy and paste. Right now, there is still quite a bit of yarn to move, but most of it is in my new shop, Moon Stone Farm Yarn.

I am hoping in October I will hit the magic place and lose some more weight. In August I lost 5 pounds. It was exciting to finally find myself able to do all the right things at the same time and get results. I can eat right, but I don't exercise enough OR I exercise enough but don't eat right. So I am trying to get on track with BOTH at the same time. I'd like to lose 17 pounds by January. Right now I am not confident I can manage it. It would be so nice if I could fit in my old clothes again. Otherwise I will have to get rid of them.

I've been knitting away on my Lopi sweater. I am going to be very happy wearing it this winter.


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