Hot where you live? It has been blistering here. Monday was my birthday, and of course, the hottest day so far. It was 111! That is the hottest I have ever been outside of the summer I visited a friend in Las Vegas. Too freaking hot. We leave the house closed up all night and I can't listen to crickets as I drift off to sleep. I love having the windows open at night. I guess the extreme heat will go away and I will get to hear the outdoors at night again pretty soon.

I have been really ignoring my hair's needs lately. One day last week I had braided my hair and the ends felt so horribly dry. It took a few days, but I eventually remembered to oil them. I'm trying to get myself back on my hair care schedule. When I got sick in May, everything went out the window. I'm probably lucky I still have hair after that. I have also developed a new long hair hero. Queen Eleanor from Brave. Her hair is long, brown and has a silver streak right about where I am developing one that will probably be noticeable in a few years. Who says long hair heroes have to be REAL? The make believe ones have the most fantastic hair, anyway. I've been trying to be more creative with my styles lately. One day I did double dutch lace braids. One side looked fantastic. The other was pathetic. That was interesting. Doing the same Nautilus or Everyday Bun is getting old. The one updo that I can really make look great is a braided chinese bun. However, with tailbone length hair, I should be able to do some other really cool updo's and make them look great. I should work at it a bit this month.

Knitting? I have not finished my sweater. It is making good progress, though. I am going to have to cast it aside pretty soon and make some small things I want to take to the fair or I won't have many entries this year. That would be horrible. Every year I tell myself I will work at things through the year to take to fair. But I don't end up doing all the things I think I will. It turns out, I am just like everyone else in the world... Human, not superhuman.


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